When i started learning Jmeter there were not enough tutorials available on net. So I thought of sharing all my learnings through this blog.

May this will make learning Jmeter easier for others.

Any interested people to contribute here are heartily welcome.For that you must be a blogpost user.contact me and i will give you the author status.

Otherwise send me your documents and details and i will post on your behalf.

Alok Ranjan Nayak


here are few of my old drawings .









4 Responses

  1. Hi Alok,

    I’m just started to learn Jmeter. After a week of search I found your blog. Great thanks. But could you please guide, where I have to start? I need from beginning.


  2. Hi alok,

    Do you mind sharing your email id. I need som eurgent help on jmeter.

  3. Good paintings……….

  4. Hi Alok,

    How is it possible to test dynamic url addresses? It seems that I get for every user a different url for the same “clicks” I do. I want to tell JMeter to use a part of the response url in the following requests. Changing every url per hand is impossible,
    I want to test with about 200 users.

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