Custom Plugins for Jmeter

1. Load Testing RMI server in Jmeter : (New RMI sampler)

2. Better Graphs in Jmeter : (Custom Listener)

3. Enhanced JDBC Sampler for Jmeter

4.Maven JMeter plugin and report generation

4. SMTP Sampler Plugin in Jmeter

5.Testing EJBs with JMeter

6.JMeter Aggregator Plugin

7. Record and playing back RMI calls (RMI Serevr) – Swing Sampler in Jmeter

8.JMeter-groovy-sampler – Runs Groovy Scripts in Jmeter

9. Automate JMeter tests in Maven

10. JMeter to Nagios


5 Responses

  1. For Building JMeter plug-in with Eclipse- follow this link


  2. There is one more listener plugin:

  3. Now there is also a plugin to allow JMeter to report using the SNMP protocol.

  4. A listener to log results to a MySQL database is available:

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