Include Controller

The include controller is designed to use an external jmx file. To use it, add samples to a simple controller, then save the simple controller as a jmx file. The file can then be used in a test plan.

Open a new file.Under workbench add a Simple controller, to that add an Http request element sampler. Fill the values as follows

Name: external
Server name:

Now select the simple controller and save it as (right click-> save selection as) external.jmx.


Now open a new test file and add an HTTP request under thread group .Name it as A. Add an Include controller to the thread group. And there give the filename as external.jmx with full path (include test plan).ic2

Now run the script and see that both A and External samples have been generated.ic3


One Response

  1. I am trying to to include an external jmx file but it is not getting included.

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