XPath Assertion in Jmeter

The XPath Assertion tests a document for well formedness, has the option of validating against a DTD, or putting the document through JTidy and testing for an XPath. If that XPath exists, the Assertion is true. Using “/” will match any well-formed document, and is the default XPath Expression. The assertion also supports Boolean expressions, such as “count(//*error)=2”.

You can also go through the previous tutorial: xml assertions .


1. We record a file shiporder.xml (http://tomhanks.9ix.net/xml/shiporder.xml) and will assert if the elements and attributes are correct. The shiporder.xml file is like this.


<shiporder orderid=”889923″ xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation=”shiporder.xsd”>

<orderperson>John Smith</orderperson>


<name>Ola Nordmann</name>

<address>Langgt 23</address>

<city>4000 Stavanger</city>




<title>Empire Burlesque</title>

<note>Special Edition</note>





<title>Hide your heart</title>





2. Add an XPath Assertions Element to the sample. (Add->Assertions->XPath assertions). Add Assertion results to the sample. (Add->Listener->Assertion Results).Also add a view results tree.


Now to assert an XPath we need to provide path expressions in the XPath Assertion field. Here we put


Run the script. The result will be shown in green in the View Listener tree if the assertion is true.xpath2

Now put the XPath as: /shiporder/item[2]/note

Run the script and the assertion will fail since there is no note in second item. The following message will come.

Assertion failure message: No Nodes Matched /shiporder/item[2]/note


In Location Path Expression you can also use XPath Axes, functions and operators.


One Response

  1. Hi,

    I’m using JMeter and have the following XML which I need to extract the Id from.


    I want to extract 001 from the Id.

    I’m using JMeter XPath Extractor and so far I have tried…

    /Customer@Id and /Customer/@Id

    What am I missing??


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