Parametrization in JMeter -1

Method1-Using CSV config element

Parametrization comes into picture where we need to input data repeatedly. Please read the previous post to know how to do a simple parametrization in JMeter.


1. Record a webpage(Sample/Request) having login Scenario.

2.Now we need a CSV data file from which we will import the values that are to be parametrized.Open notepad and enter Username and Password separated by commas.



Save the file as “myfile.csv”.(inside bin folder)

3. Add->ConfigElement->CSV DataSet Config.Fill the fields as follows

Filename: myfile.csv
Variable names: A, B
Delimiter: ,
Recycle: true
Stop: false

You can give the variable names as you wish.(like UID,PWD).The variable names are reference d inside the sample.

4. Open the login sample(request).Goto ‘Send parameter with the request’ section

Now change the value of Username field to : ${A}
and value of Password field to : ${B}

Here A and B are the variable names set in CSV Data Set config.

6.make sure to set number of threads(users) accordingly.

7 .Run the script and observe the result in result tree.


3 Responses

  1. nice work done….hoping some more scenarios in the future :)

  2. What is we need to simulate for 100 users, so that my script would pick 100 different user. It would be heck of time to create CSV for the 100 users.

    Any solution for this prob………?
    need help on this

  3. Thanks nice explanation!!!

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